Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Diary,

Today is 'catch up day'. My plans have been so far to catch up, and find time for the gym. I have so far done a bit of catching up, I've recieved news that my book review has been published and I have an extra shift at work. I feel like taking a break, either for some sustenance, or to just chill out for a bit. My dad is downstairs and he makes me uncomfortable, so I wont do any cooking for now. The past couple of days have been a blur, they have also been a massive drain on me emotionally and physically. I'm taking it slowly, I'm catching up with the news, current affairs and job searching. I wont meet my weekly targets for most activities, unfortunately.


I've found some music software which is giving me ideas. Other than that, it almost feels like a stupour day. I need to eat. But I hate when my dad is around.

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