Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dear Diary,

Kind of busy at the moment. I am kind of tired too. Lots of things happened this monday, but on the other hand, not much happened at all. I didn't manage to send off a job application this monday. I did manage to go to the gym.

I almost got a 3 day placement at the Sentinel, but someone already took it before I replied to the email. Oddly enough I had an adrenaline rush after I saw the email and that rush was still there after I found out I didn't get the assignment. I thought I'd use that buzz to stay up and out of bed. I hadn't had much motivation for the past few days.

My throat's feeling fucky today. I'm coughing loads right now. Not fun

I got lots to do...if I weren't tired I'd do it now. I better just go to bed and reflect on tuesday when I get up.

I'm sort of forcing myself to write this blog right now. I think I do have a few emotional things to talk about but I just don't feel particularly communicative today.

Also I'm obsessed with this tablet game at the moment - RoboCop - i found a bug in it that gives me infinte money.


off to bed.

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