Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dear Diary,

I can't remember my weekend in a single thought. That I cannot concerns me, I always assume people know how to explain themselves when asked the question: how was your weekend? or how are you? I always need to think about it.

Saturday I got up late. I missed the gym. Just as well as I felt a bit rotten. I had a jam session with one of my good friends. We did some good work but we have more work to do.

Today I did some gardening, nice and relaxing. I practiced on my clarinet as well.

Now I'm home. I need to get on with stuff. I feel a bit tired. I feel a bit hungry.

Don't know where my parents are today. They will turn up at some point.

Do you remember that i mentioned I met up with a girl this week to see a BBC recording? Well last night she texted, asked me if i could go to dinner. Erm...I don't know what to say. Anxiety is one response. Another is that I'm worried about money.

Maybe I'll be honest and tell her that. I'll say

thanks for thinking of me - I'm worried about money at the moment but maybe after I get paid on thursday we could go dinner?

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