Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Diary,

I was thinking of asking out the girl from - but it would be an obvious pretext to asking her over to my place and making a move. Either that sounds suave and cool, or just me being honest and saying 'I like you and I want to kiss you and put my pee pee into your noo noo', or it's rapey. I don't want to be rapey.

Maybe I just won't ask her out. She's looking to move into a nearby area to where i live, and I was thinking to say:

if you like I can show you around this area, I'll show you the one nice pub, I'll show you the river, the windmill, the marketplace and the retail park. And then when it comes to 11 o'clock I'll be like 'oh you can stay over near my place if you like'.

No, that sound rapey I think. I mean, she'd be welcome to say and I wouldn't force anything on her. I can set up an airbed and she can use the shower. I use herbal essences so that's kinda feminine a shampoo (whoare you kidding, it's in the women's section).

I might have a snack to eat right now. Then I'll go to bed.

I've done a nice amount in the past few hours. I've been doing all my 'desk tasks' after being away from keyboard all weekend. I'm trying to be a good worker.

I'm trying to ignore those 'unanswered questions'.

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