Monday, October 27, 2014

Things that make me feel hope

  • got extra work this week
  • as long as I'm breathing I still can change things

Things that make me feel vulnerable
  • I'm frightened by an analyst job vacancy that i need to apply to
  • I'm frightened by preparing for civil service test
  • I'm frightened about relapsing
Things htat have happened lately:

  • I've submitted a review for the Sentinel's Games page
  • I've been to a funeral on sunday
  • I went to a house party on saturday
  • I got a free game
  • I got some extra hours and days to work this week
  • I'm working on sunday this coming week

  • I'm actually really sleepy right now. Perhaps I'll go on and ...face the next day. 
I feel so in touch with my inner vulnerable right now. It's scary, makes me feel small. Makes me also pensie for my actions in the future

Time for bed now

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