Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear Diary,

There's that american saying: call it as you see it. Meaning being honest.

Things are a bit grey right now. Not bad, grey.

Grey means. I have an interview next month and a few extra days of work to be alright about Christmas.

Grey means I spent the past 3-4 days not being as productive as I could have been.

Grey means my fatigue and mood have been down for whatever reason.

Grey means that despite this Ihave been actually productive, but whether it was for the 'right things' is another issue.

Grey means I've been wanking a bit too much and that's bad.

Grey means I'm starting to plan for Christmas and I have a few gifts to give out already and that's good.

Grey means I can't be a heroic figure who does all the stuff but instead I am dreadfully mediocre

Grey means I've

I will try and get on with my schedule now. Over the past few days it felt like reading newspapers was a massive expenditure of energy, that I'm still recovering from.

Google calendar is my friend. Reminds me of stuff I need to do.

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