Monday, October 20, 2014

Dear Diary,

I'm feeling too tired to write but I'm a little bit obliged.

On Saturday I went to a family party, cousin's daughters Christening, and it was a nice time. I was anxious about going to work the next day, on a sunday.

Sunday, went to work, relatively on time. I was scared about asking the editor to sign the timesheet but he was happy to oblige. £100 in the bag.

Sunday evening, Bag is really heavy from carrying newspapers (they would have gone in the recycle bin anyway!). So, as I got home I did a bit of reading and put an audiobook on (Goldacre). A lot of my evening consisted of reading newspapers and magazines. Still haven't finished!

My parents came home to tell me that someone at the party last night died on sunday morning. Apparently the guy who lives with his brother was unwell for a long while. It's really a head fuck that I saw someone who ...died so quickly after I saw him. I just found out like less than an hour ago so I haven't emotionally processed this. It's really sad. Apparently he went to my dad and mum's wedding. Back when my parents were immigrants from far away countries and ENgland was an unknown place to them. Not much family or friends in London they kept to the people they did know and still keep close to this day. That guy who died was one of them.


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