Wednesday, November 6, 2013

two dreams last night

dear diary,


I had two dreams last night.


First Dream:


I was starting a new work placement. It was in the same form as working at the Sentinel, but the woman told me my first day was a trial to see if I was ready for the rest of it. I would be doing a masters in 'theological administration' or something afterwards. All I remember of the job was running around this building which seemed like the media centre (that used to be the old BBC buildings) and having to just be a busybody. it felt unhappy but I thought to myself: is this the only way I can get another masters degree? I really thought to myself that this was the only route out.


Second dream


It was a school reunion, and I had my clarinet repaired, and I saw all these guys who used to remember me and that I was a fairly able musician at school, then my friends were there and we practiced some jazz stuff. Actually in my dream, in that moment, I actually started thinking about clarinet technique and fingerings and blowing technique. Needless to say I was ac tually better in the dream than real life.Then I saw this guy, he was dressed in what can only be called a black monk's robe and had an awful monk-like hairstyle with these round Mahler glasses, and it was the guy I knew from school who has become a priest recently. I said 'hello father' to him. 


I then woke up feeling miserable. I felt horribly isolated and I felt like there were very limited opportunities for me. 

God, life is sad. Now I have to get up again. 

I'm upright, now I'm off to do my errands. Working until maybe 4pm, then off to work.



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