Friday, November 1, 2013

Sometimes the things that seem to matter I procrastinate about the most.

Dear Diary,

something had been on my mind since I finished at sentinel sports: should I ask the manager for a reference? 

I finally emailed back, asking her. I...was really anxious about it. The thoughts I had:

  • She's not going to accept it
  • she's going to ignore it
  • she's going to think badly of me if i asked
  • she's not just going to reject me, but it will look badly on my presence in the organisation



  • Guilty - I feel bad for asking her - like I'm asking her for something unreasonable
  • frustrated -for being so ...procrastinating about this.
  • worried - about the implications of not asking

I did it. I fucking did it. 



 does it feel like a relief? no. Does it feel like I'm not worried about it anymore - well, less.


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