Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Diary,


I've been thinking about the amount of money i've spent on my clothes. I've almost wholesale updated my smart and smart/casual/going out inventory. 


I've thought about this issue when I had an eating disoder, of trying to change my clothes and have a kind of thematic unity to them that captures who I am. I used to think I would be all about gap tight t shirts and cord trousers for the rest of my life. However I think I've changed since then. Not by that much, but the change is subtle and it is for me, very much there. 


I have been wearing my new backpack around lately, its a bit smaller than my usual backpacks, plus itsp robably the first backpack or piece of luggage I've bought since 2009. I need clothes to define me, I suppose because I feel so identity-less in the world. Also, I love how a nicely cut shirt fits my body. I feel good! 



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