Wednesday, March 27, 2013


so I've made an anxiety diary.

Now I'm feeling distracted. Actually I want to masturbate. I said in the last message that I absolutely must avoid wanking. But now I'm tempted. I want that hit of pleasure. I want to eat something snacky and junky. I need a bit of release.

So: wank or snack? That's the question on my mind. I do feel desperate for a release. Maybe the kind that involves salt in my mouth might help me through.

Must avoid wanking. I'll wank after gym - as a treat for myself.

Now I'll get some big pack of crisps from the local newsagents. I love that there's a polish community that sells really big packets of their local crisps. Its a guilty pleasure, also guilty because I wonder if by buying out all their cheap polish crisps, I'm depriving some polish folk of their cultural food - which is exactly the reason why the local shops stock them.


Ah fuck it. I'm hungry.


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