Monday, March 18, 2013

Fighting accidie today

Dear Diary

Did some music stuff today. Called the Psychology services to advise about cancellation. I did some scheduling for community group. I sent off shifts to the boss. I then came home after visiting a friend, and I thought to myself that I should not go to the Gym today and instead try to catch up on things.

I came home about 5pm. I was thinking about having a rest, going to bed for an hour and laying down. I was listening to a lecture, and then I got on with tasks. I have been thinking that maybe I should push myself- push through the fatigue and try to move forward. I did and I applied to a job. Only one job though. It was for a policy assistant. It had a kinda complicated and long form, which I filled out.

So's nearly 9am. I ate. I have work early tomorrow. Will try to focus on that I suppose.

Onwards? Maybe I'll have a bath/shower, then read some blogs, then go off to bed. I haven't done as much as I would have liked today, but one has to start where they are.

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