Wednesday, March 27, 2013

spring cleaning

Going through my wardrobe. Thinking about my anxiety and all the feelings and things I hold on to. I went into my wardrobe and just saw lots of shit I could just get rid of. A GCSE mathematics guide from 2000 syllabus; a demo disck from PC Gamer March 1999 issue, a CD RIP of various shitty movies and games that my mate used to sell back in year 9 - he's now a research statistician with a successful career and life and job and girlfriend and parties all the time. I need to let go of this shit. It's clutter. Emotional and physical.

Time to let go. Time to get rid.

I'd say breath of fresh air, but my room has become suddenly dusty after all that shit was taken out.

Also - I need a charger for my phone.  That's what I was actually looking for. The wire went loose for my phone charger. Fuck.

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