Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I think its just a bad cold - is it a flu?

I think its official.


I'm under the weather at the moment. I've got a lurgy. It doesn't matter how I got it, however I think it started on Monday or late Sunday. Monday I was feeling rotten but manageable. Tuesday was the decline, then during badminton I had one horrible crash. I slept early last night. I couldn't do with doing anything else but go to bed.

I was quite delerious during my sleep, interupted, having lots of very strange thoughts, re-living memories and so forth.

Part of me wants to lay in bed and just say goodbye to the world for a while. Another part of me has absolutely no appetite.

So, what did I do yesterday, except for feeling ill

  • Booked GP appt
  • Practice piano
  • Sent 8 applications
  • Badminton
  • Job Search

All in all are not too bad things. I might try to focus on low priority tasks today. Maybe I can see today as an opportunity to do some free thinking and reading of blogs.


Onwards? - we'll see for today. I got up really early, but the novelty of this is lost due to the fact that I'm ill

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