Sunday, February 3, 2019

Dear Diary,

My tyres are worn and have got a bit less track in them.

I'ts midnight, no its not. It's nearly fucking 4am.

I'm catching up on some stuff that now seems to be my weekend routine. Let's try to sum up my zeitgeisty life right now:

I really really love coffee. Earlier this week I tried a 'bulletproof coffee' for the first time. My friend from Canada told me about it and this whole keto diet thing. I actually liked the taste of a bulletproof coffee.

I have also come to enjoy McDonald's breakfasts. I like the breakfast burger thingy. A few months ago I used to go to the Mcdonald's early to get sausage and pancakes. Not so much now. It's really fucking cold.

Other things this week: I fucked my knee, then it got better. I then pushed my chest a little bit harder than usual, but its okay. I also think that I might try a new strategem with working out: keeping a high heart rate less than keeping to the workouts that I have in the book. I mean, the book is great too but if I keep a consistently high level of heart rate, that gets the kcals down and is technically what fitness is about.

I've had a few night terrors lately. I'm not sure how to deal with them. Probably an upshot of it is the whole insomnia thing.

I've learned how to use the phrase 'upshot' properly. Upshot sounded like it was a good thing but it basically means 'bad consequence' and not good consequence. I heard a tutor in 2nd year ethics say that expression. That same tutor is now a policy advisor for a tory lord.

I really really like my chair. The gaming chair isn't comfortable in the conventional sense but it is super ergonomic and not uncomfortable.

I feel a pull of two things: being tired and needing to keep going.

Need to keep going.

Me 0359

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