Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dear Diary,

On my 'desk' day I went to the GP. The GP suggested that the reason I'm suffocating might be ashtma so she gave me an inhaler to try out. Also I got my shampoo and cream from the GP. I then went to PC world and M&S. At M&S I got some work trousers and I was thinking about how to 'update' my wardrobe to Autumn. I saw a beautiful but overpriced blazer. It was like Luther from the show Luther. Stylish but edgy, English yet urban, like the Londoner protagonist of Luther.

At PC world I walked around a bit to see stuff I wish I could afford. I then bought a keyboard. I then went to Burger King to eat some guilt food.

As I got home it was raining like fucking hell and I forgot my prescription exemption forms so I went back out to the Pharmacy. While I was out all of this morning and early afternoon I was getting some emails on my phone. One of them was a 'thank you' from the woman I covered at the legal department last week. Another one was to say I have got a free ticket to see 'Great Britain' after winning a giveaway at work.

I then have put a task in my calendar to schedule a GP appointment in 3 weeks about the Asthma thing - I need to confirm if I have ashtma.

So, that's my autumn 'big shop' done. I wonder if its worth putting a felt cover over my keyboard so it won't get dirty. On the other hand it probably will inevitably just get dirty.

I've had a full on day today. and just trying to get over what else is going on. I am off to badminton in just a moment. I will try to get on my ordinary schedule tomorrow, and not spend too much money.

I am kinda glad that I bought this keyboard. The one that I used until about 3 hours ago I got with my diability student allowance all those days ago. On reeflection it isn't really a bad keyboard. I do need to clean it and it might be back to how it once was.

I also got an extra events shift - so an extra bit of money to come in. Always welcome.

Now I've got stuff to do.

talk soon, i hope

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