Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear Diary,

It's 1:34 am

I went to see my cousin in hemel hempstead (or somewhere like that) earlier on sunday. I felt worn out afterwards. I did some archiving as I got home.

Now I realise how much I have to do. I made a collosal effort putting in some metadata just now, but I still have a lot of things to do. I am off to bed now but before I got I want to experss that I have some anxiety. I have a level of anxiety where it is possible I might sleep easily, but I do feel at unease.

I'm off tomorrow but I have 3 days on from tuesday. It's my last 3 days working at the sunday sentintel. I've been working at a major sunday newspaper for over a month and ...I haven't even had time to boast about it or process it. I've just been working, going home and eating.

On saturday I had my first saturday not working or at a wedding or doing something in over 5-6 weeks. It awas good. I did a double session in the morning at the gym. I really pushed myself.

I could reflect, I could muse, I probably should process things emotionally.

But I have things to do, I have an agenda,

I have to get on with it.

I am much more productive when I'm in a rush.

p.s. even though I usually post on here when things are shit, I should say on the whole...despite my money problems right now, and job anxieties, things are as positive as they ever have been for me...I never thought I'd say that and I never knew how it would feel saying that.

how does it feel? it feels like I'm in a rush and actually doesn't feel 'happily ever after' but more 'I gotta get up early to do shit.'

Good night.

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