Thursday, August 7, 2014

dear diary,

 I don't make a point about blogging at work. There are professional bloggers here at the Sentinel!

I just wanted to say, while I had lunch just now I got an email on my phone, and through replying to a message I got another half day of work (4 hours) tomorrow at another department. Today is my last day at the sunday sentinel, I was thinking how nice it would be to have 10 days off unil the next assignment.

Well, it's 9 days now.

It's only a half day too, which is nice.

Off to work now, actually I'm not off o work, I'm gonna do more messing about in my lunch break, maybe play family guy on my tablet. I'm a real worker bee me.

Last night I did 2 things after work. I went to a bar in Blackfriars to meet up with my Shambly colleagues for a drink and I didn't go to the monthly discussion group. I say that is a second thing because choosing not to go was a hard decision for me. Sometimes when things are routine, it takes some boldness to say no.

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