Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Things that are bothering me right now

  1. Hannah is starting some very dangerous bulimia behaviours, as someone who loves her its hard to cope with and be supportive and loving to her when she's self harming in the identical way that I did things
  2. I got contacted for a 2 week cover at the newspaper earlier today. I had to say no. That's £720 I won't have in my bank balance -it saddens me. The weird irony is that I can't take the assignment because I'm committed to the paternity leave at pictures
  3. First day at pictures, and it all went to pot. My boss didn't write a handover document - she's too busy because the paternity leave guy left about a week earlier than planned which meant she hasn't had any time, which in turn has meant that I have had a hellish day at work. However I think that I am used to living in personal and career hells so it wasn't so bad compared to the worst of it
  4. Someone at the garden meeting said a racist word ...it upset me and everyone else in the group. 

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