Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dear Diary,

I had a dream that I was checking my inbox and that I got notified there was a grad scheme for the Guardian.

What a weird fucking dream. I won't tell The Sentinel that I'm dreaming about their competition. I once had a dream I was in a star wars TIE fighter and the fuel was leaking. Then I realised the TIE fighter is solar powered. I pissed myself in real life. Very weird dream - and weird way I discovered that.

I got a call from Mim at the Sentinel (who I met earlier this week), she told me that the dude I'm covering for paternity/she is covering for and I need to cover for her, had a baby early (yay!) and that consequently means that I will be starting earlier. I could have started today or tomorrow, but I will be starting on Monday. I'm working at Shambly on Friday (tomorrow) and it's too short notice to cancel. Also I cancelled already for a shift. I don't want to have a bad reputation there. Things are a bit tense at Shambly lately.

I am currently listening to Lykke Li. I made loads of playlists.

My mood has gone up a bit. I am also struggling to keep up with all this stuff happening lately. I don't feel I have the energy lately. Life's gone up a gear and i just have to hang on.

Anyway I better get back to my schedule. I have a fuckload to do

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