Monday, October 26, 2015

i remember a younger version of me would pride themselves on saying the unsayable. exploring social taboos by bringing it to the air.

I've found people don't always want to talk about things, that's a given. But the other thing is that people also don't want to listen, or listen selectively within the locus of things they consider taboo and acceptable - avoiding or filtering out the bad stuff.

I think I am no different.

I should write on this blog more. I've been quite depressed lately. My head hasn't been in a good place of late, then bad stuff happens on top of it.

It could be very easy to make this about my weight.

Yesterday I wrote about how I'm eating better and how it's making me feel better about my body.

Someone I chat to on facebook suggested that I make a list of positives when I feel low. So i can make it a balancing act. Focus on the positives, the negatives are very much there and I just have to accept that. But the positives can also be there too.

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