Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dear Diary,

I have been wondering if depression makes me smarter. I remember reading that people with depression have a tendency to think in a certain way that involves critical thought (which could be an aspect of intelligent thinking)

On the other hand I've also read somewhere that many patients with depression have a reduced brain section which is related to memories.

My mind is a depressed mind at the moment. I'm trying to navigate what that means for me, outside of third personal hearsay of scientific studies.

I woke up a bit earlier than usual today, that's good. Another positive is that I engaged in a new situation or two today. I saw a new shop and had brunch in a coffee house. I've also been working on setting tasks for myself during my working days over the next month.

When I'm at work lately I've often requested a few things from IT and site management that help me with my work, namely, past editions of the sentinel. I have noted that this is an habitual pattern and so I've looked at the calendar to decide upon which editions I'll need a look at, and i've listed them in the upcoming work days that I'm doing.

That basically means, I am purporting what my mindset will be like in the future (assuming consistency) and making the decision already in my head and just writing my outcome.

I call it outsourcing my brain to the cloud.

I also feel pretty low.

In other news, my diet has gotten better.

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