Monday, June 23, 2014

step up

Dear Diary,

So my friend who is getting married later this year finally got his best man to sort out the stag do. unfortunately it doesnt give me proper time to apply.

anyway. On with the issue at hand. so this weekend Idid some stuff. I went out to see my friend, we saw a film, ate at a restaurant, saw another film. sunday I did some gardening, what else did I do?

I felt hella tired is fair to say. I have been feeling a bit worn down lately. I need to rest myself a bit more. I did a bit of gym this weekend but not much. I did some walking and gardening too. I also ate a fuckton too. I need to think about changing my eating habits some more.

Tomorrow I'm off to work. Then on tuesday I'm also at work. Wednesday and thursday I'm working 2 days at a brand new department. I was given an instruction guide on what to do at the department. I will be using a bespoke payment package to pay comissions and stuff. I asked the payroll software admin fellow to let me in and he did.

Perhaps something a bit weird. Every sunday when I'm walking home from the garden, I see a guy that I used to go to school with. I've mentioned him before on the blog, he was like my best friend at primary school and he's a metalhead and wears band t shirts and has hair a lot like mine. It's chilling how similar we are. However I think its fair to say he's a lot more into the metal than I am. I like to consider myself culturally broad. I say that as I listen to John Coltrane right now.

I kind of want to blog more lately, but as I've said before for the past couple months, life has gone up a gear and I am stepping up. Step-up, that's a nice expression. I'm looking for new clarinets and the class of instrument I'm looking for is called a 'step-up'. As such, I think it's an apt expression, an accurate expression. I'm stepping lots of things up in my life. Also thinking about life through money is interesting. It's nice to actually have money and not go around the street hoping nobody recognises me, instead just feeling more free, or rather, less restrained.

I had some bad dreams last night. I can't remember what they were. What I do remember is that I cannot forget the ugly side of my soul.

So I better get on with shit.

Talk soon

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