Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello diary,

so today I got approached to do 2 days at the sunday sentinel, which means I'm doing six days at the sunday sentinel! That plus yesterday I was asked to do 2 days at their multimedia department (where I have worked before). So that means 8 days. Hurray!

I am just making the matrix of what I will expect to be paid.

I think, I just about think that summer might not be as bad as I thought. I do need to rein in on my spending but I think its okay. I have to suffer a dark period of low money for a few weeks until I get paid tomorrow and later at the end of the month.

So...working at the sentinel seems like fun.

I think that historically I'm worried that because july/august is low in terms of event bookings I hardly get to work then. But with the pay that I got from working 2 months ago, and the pay I will get from working next month, that will sort me out for being relatively alright for July. However it does mean that I may not get much events work in july and august, but I will ahve a little bit of money to survive.

I'm still worried about money. I saw a fosters can in my room just now and I almost got tempted to drink in the day. I should probably avoid alcohol for a while because I thought that. So...thinking...

June: worried about money, stay conservative until I get paid
July (birthday month): save up and maybe make a few nice purchases
August: will be paid with things from the work in late june/july. Remember not to overspend as the intention is that this needs to last for 2 months. I need make this extra £500 last until october.

It's weird thinking about this and also oddly depressing. Why depressing? Because I*'m thinking about staying fiscally sensible and in this timeline summer is already over. However in the rpesent, summer is just beginning and I shoudl live it up!

In other news...I kinda got on really well with a girl on okcupid...really well. Almost to the extnet that I don't believe it's possible for a guy like me to get so lucky. I'm getting a bit of female attention and attention from a gender-neutral born as female person lately. I've not talked much about activist girl (as I call her, but should change her name for this blog), but we've been chatting a lot and I feel almost close to her.


I have shit to do today.

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