Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dear diary

At the moment i'm laying in bed. I'm on my tablet using voice recognition.
You like undo delete delete delete

I'm not quite used to using this new voice recognition technology
New line

Today i did quite a bit i'm feeling quite tired as a result

At the moment i'm laying in the dark room considering whether to go to bed. I'm also wondering if perhaps the things i said for myself right now i can do tomorrow

I'm feeling a little bit worn down emotionally and physically as a result of all the activity today haven't even made a log of all the activities in fitocracy and in my fitness pal

I wonder to myself if i done a lot today i also wonder if i haven't done enough. I would want to better my life and i always want to challenge myself. I wonder if i'm living up to this. You're so many things that i would have liked to have done if i had more energy . This voice recognition technology is not the best and most of the words are inaccurate, if it is a dancer site better than the old dragon technology are used in 2007

I wonder how much i can do, i wonder if i can never be the best person i meant to be, i want to be more i want to have more i want to look in a mirror and the proud of what i see before me. Hl images of my day i wonder if they're real challenges or if i need to swallow  more eggs.

House for most of the day i fell walking walk in the sun. I've been working a lot about money lately. Even though today i received 6 extra days off work over the next 6 weeks, i am still worried about the money situation. I think however that one of the positives of the recent few days i'm going to get paid in the end of august which will pay for me during the duration of september. September and august are usually difficult months in terms of money. I hate the fact that i have constantly worrying about money and not making enough money xxx. I would love to be out of this situation and middle better 1. That is why i need to continue my job search and push myself.

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