Friday, June 6, 2014

Dear Diary,

I think I am coming to a realisation that even though I'm not working full time (I'm working two zero hour contract jobs in events and media), my life has gone up a gear and this is a good thing.

The thing about upgrading my life is that I want to upgrade my life a bit more still. But I'm happy with how upgrading has gone so far. I say happy but what I really mean is I am satisfied that I'm getting some acknowledgement that I do a good job.

So I was contacted twice today from the Sentinel. One from someone at HR, and someone else who wanted me to cover for her next week. This person (also at HR but doesn't do HR stuff) wants me to do her job for 3 days. I've done a similar job in the very recent past, and in fact I actually sat like 4 desks in front of her!

So what does this mean about the whole contract thing? I really don't know. Every assignment I get there I see as a bonus since the one ended a week or two ago. That's how I choose to see it.

Today I did some job searching and I tried to catch up on a few tasks. I then ended up getting really tired around 3pm and I crashed to bed for a bit. I then woke up at 5 and got ready for the gym. I don't feel that I did enough this thursday. I did 2 hours at the gym and on the way home I ate to replenish myself.

This friday I am going to work at an event in the evening. I'm going to make the most of my 'office hours' between 9-5 on this day. Although I realistically realise that I have a lot to do in terms of applications and other tidying up things.

I have a lot to do and a lot to do to keep on top of everything. This is a good situation to be in. My social life has levelled up and I have been seeing a girl lately. Hannah asked me today if one day she can meet my mum...fuck...that conversation? She's not even a girlfriend...or is she??? Do non monogamous women have boyfriends and does that make me a bf?

The events of today haven't really sunken in. Partly because I didn't do much and secondly because I have felt really drowsy today. I hate being tired all the time, but that's the result of pushing my body and mind all the time.

Even on my rest day I've got audiobooks blaring on all day. I am almost about to finish Paradise Lost.

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