Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ah, that was a good shit

The past couple of days have been quite hard. I think, however, that I have reacted to these feelings that I am having in a positive and constructive way. By that, I mean, I am not doing too many of the no-no's and perpetuating the negativity in my actions. I have been moving a bit forward with my schedule and am slowly clearing up a full timetable. I have been mostly been clearing up my GReader, but little things like that, and rituals such as brushing my teeth and shaving. I woke up early today. My first getting up was at 4am. I went straight back to sleep. I then woke up again and knew it was time that I had to stay up. It was 5:30 or thereabouts; I spent the time masturbating and the aforementioned Greader clearup.

I finally woke up around 6:45, shaved, brushed teeth and finished off a beef curry that my mum had made from a sirloin steak (boy that's posh!). My dad came home from his nightshift, we had a nice chat and then I got bak to look at my schedule. I think that I will do a set of mini reading tasks, do some downloading into my external HDD to clear up my GReader and then I may go for an early (or therabouts) jog. If the latter were to be the case I should be ready to jog by 10-11am.

Okay, posting over; back to the ranch as my teacher used to say

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