Friday, January 13, 2017

items of clothing in the charity bag

  • beige cords, date of purchase: unknown
  • Levis 501's date of purchase: between 2007-2008. I kept these for so long without wearing them because they represented all of my hopes and aspirations of who I used to be back then, also they have a powerful memory and almost a scent (an intangible sense of aura linked to Marie). I need space for my current and future clothes. Also, its the right time to get rid of those emotions, to clear my feelings that I'm holding on to that do not serve me anymore. I was a grad student back then, those jeans are a dark ish blue but are worn in and look too close to stonewash as is comfortable. I'm sorry to see these go. 
  • Waistcoat, wooly from C&A. Date of purchase: NA, a family hand me down, maybe it's my brother's, maybe it's my dad's? Back in 2015 this item of clothing was greatly comforting during my terrible panics
  • Dark jeans - look too small for me. Date of purchase: Don't even recognise these as mine? Going in the bag
  • Cedarwood state (primark) brand body warmer. Looks cool, have worn it to badminton a few times. I won't be wearing it to badminton anymore. In the bag
  • Three geometric print shirts. Back in 2013-2014 I was really into geometric print. I am not into it as much anymore. These shirts feel obsolete and a lagging memory of when I first started working at The Sentinel as a casual/freelancer. I am now a contract staff and that shirt reminds me of poorer days and less certainty.
  • Hooded sports top - this came from my cousin a few years ago. Only wore it like 3 times as a courtesy to my mum. In the bag. 
  • Hooded summer jacket - this is actually quite a nice jacket, military look, lots of pockets. I wore this during the summer and to the gym a lot. I think I got this in 2014 or 2015? I remember wearing this when I was working on ad bookings. 
  • Neon green vest (2014?) got it for badminton - it makes me feel fat. even if I'm losing weight or not - it makes me feel inseucire. also I experimented with colour, it doesn't do it for me.
  • Pink vest (2013-14?) - birthday/xmas present. Doesn't do it for me. I did try to wear it. Also makes me feel fat
  • Short shorts - red decail (2013?) - not short enough, don't like red decal
  • Uniqlo jumper - too much colour fade :(

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