Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Highlights of today:

  1. Going to the gym, doing a class, and going to the gym again, That counts as three, plus I did my walking target. I've increased it to 10500 steps a day
  2. I got a really nice calendar from a Media planning organisation. I feel really corporate that I love something like that. If they gave me a pen or a cup I'd totally love that shit. Who have I become?
  3. I got a really sweet letter to the 'Cartoon editor' (that's me) from a little girl who said she hates Trump. That basically sums up our readership and our editorial. 
  4. My beard looks nice
  5. I didn't have a panic attack

Lowlights of today

  1. Lost more money on a bet. I'm not liking the direction of how my recent betting decisions have gotten lately.
  2. I think a nice woman asked me out. Not sure if its a date or mature adults socialising who have hint of sexual interest. All the same she is flaking and cancelling, uncancelling then cancelling.
  3. Work is taking over a lot of my life, and I forget that there is a world outside that newspaper and politics.
Just earlier I was looking for tactical gear - civilian looking fleeces and tops. I'm trying to find some way to define myself through clothing. Also my uniqlo hoody tore and that upset me.

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