Saturday, January 21, 2017

Insomnia thoughts

Can't sleep. Not sure whether laying in bed or sitting up would help.

I'm sitting up now.

Thought I'd check emails, go through 400 emails from the past week.

Ebay ebay ebay, job agencies, stuff about trump outrage --- ooh, linkedin.

I see some people on the list. People from work. Olivia from manager's desk used to be head girl? Damn she's young. Her degree is in some subject that sounds utterly vacuous. I bet she will go far in life in spite of her degree. It's odd how my mate went to Brunel and now its called something else.

I look at some other people. A maths graduate from nottingham, she works as a deliveroo something or other.

Gosh the world of work seems so complicated after being a year away from precarity. Life changes in such short time.

It makes me feel a bit low looking at these people with whom I've had professional contact with. What would they say if they saw my linkedin?

Dissertation on Kant and Spinoza? What is a spinoza?

Interests in C++, Python and Javascript, pet projects in pentesting.

Plays piano? Thats the one thing most people find interesting.

Not my knowledge about the pentecosiomedimni (or being able to pronounce it with ease)

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