Sunday, August 21, 2016

Following the sage advice of Comedian Issy Suttie from her standup routines, I'll frame this post in the form of 5 observations, and 5 things I can be happy about in life


  • I hurt my knee today at the gym, what hurt the most was my pride
  • I've been offered a contract at work
  • I had sex with a trans guy on friday, he wants to meet up again
  • My friend has a drinking problem and it's souring the friendship group
  • I have a hole in my favourite trousers. I need to get new ones from uniqlo, and as I'm already there, I'll buy some things

Things to be happy about

  • Apparently I am sensitive and thats a very nice sexy thing 
  • I have massive traps that people look at when I flex them
  • Transguy said I have a gorgeous cock (blush)
  • There's a difference in life between the way I see myself and the way people see me
  • I'm less worried about money than I used to be when I wrote on this blog in the past

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