Sunday, February 21, 2016

Desk day

Today I woke up with radio 4 playing in the background. There was some kind of church of england thing going on. It mixed up with my semi-wake dream state and I ended up dreaming about choirs and sermons. Not necessarily a bad thing for me. I like the quaint englishness.

I woke up feeling very different to how I usually wake up.

I was tired, yes. I was feeling very sore, especially on my lower back, yes. One thing was different.

I wanted to get out of bed, on a sunday morning. I wanted to face the day and do stuff that I'm really behind on.

Something has gone into me that has become a motivator.

I could tell you the reasons, but the thing is. I am acting on reasons. I think the accidie has left most of my body. Mostly.

Until today I found that my desk has been tampered with and the ordering of my objects have been messed around. I got angry, then I have been trying to let it go.

Then this morning I heard a neighbour distantly complaining that another neighbour was making noise with power tools. There was a conflict of cultures, conflict of 'new' residents and the old...

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