Monday, May 5, 2014

dear diary,

I've been busy with work lately.

Really busy. Like sorta full time hours (except for last monday and of course this monday being a bank hliday).

After work on friday I went to a gig. A metal gig. It was fun. I then had dinner with friends on saturday. I organised it and my friends were very nice about how I organised it well. Among my group of friends there's a reputation for people to have pie in the sky plans that don't follow through.

After Sunday I felt really beat. I had a good nap during the afternoon today as a result of my body just crashing. I set all my 'non priority' stuff for today. I now need to get out of 3 day weekend holiday mode and get back to work tomorrow.

I heard a story from actor paterson joseph earlier this week which said that as an actor he has a lot of time off work, but when he is on work for an acting job he counts the days that he has off as some weird irony.

I almost feel the same.

I need to focus more on...stuff.

Onwards with work and life.

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