Monday, May 26, 2014

dear diary,

working as a PA has kept me busy. I haven't even thought about the money I'd earn from it. I am sure it will be quite nice to get decent money next month and the month after. I also have to be conservative in terms of my spending.

I am writing this post about 1:30am, I thought I'd write something because I haven't updated you much on my life.

I've been really active with things, work, gym, garden stuff. It is quite a lot of energy just being 'normal' and keeping my head down.

In a way this might be what I've always wanted. This is a bank holiday weekend and I aim to get some applications and other things done. In addition I am finishing work this wednesday. After Wednesday I'm working Thurs and Fri in events at shambly. I haven't worked at shambly in nearly a month. I feel a sense of dread going back into events work.

Anyway, I better ...get to bed, lay down and wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll get stuff done. I hope. Today I got some stuff done. I also caught up on sleep. Which is just as important.

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