Saturday, May 31, 2014

23 coffee stirrers over the past couple of weeks.

Today I was thinking to myself. I was thinking about the amount of money coming in, and thinking about the steps I'd need to getting my life together. From the basis of a steady and decent income the steps would be something like:

  • Pay off overdraft (in process)
  • earmark amounts of money as 'minimum balances' required to avoid going into overdraft situation again - would require making a few matrices
  • Once monies are paid into overdraft, I would start going above zero and set up regular payments into ISA
  • once I start earning more from this point (and this is really beyond the earning stage I am at now) - think about 'life upgrades' such as:
    • moving out
    • getting a better body
    • upgrading my wardrobe
    • updating other kit (such as computer)
    • re-think my goals at this stage to what my tasks should be (more job search? less job search? more gym? more social life?)
    • Get 'aspirational' things such as musical instruments
      • Buffet E11 or E13 clarinet
      • Get a saxophone
      • Maybe get an intermediate level saxophone
      • Upgrade your piano
      • Get an A clarinet,
        • Maybe an Eb clarinet?
          • Maybe a bass clarinet?
        • Maybe other saxophones?
    • Think about what you want out of your life and how you can get it. 
Aspiration. I feel like given the life that I've had, I really just want to aspire. I want to be more and feel better about my lot. I'm in no position to have a serious relationship or buy a house or the other stuff some of my friends are starting to do. Maybe I can do a course in massage, do a part time PhD? 

Right now, I feel like all those things are possible, if I just went next door to the toilet, and put two fingers down my throat.

It seems more appealing than the alternative

The alternative being: go to bed at a reasonable hour, do my pre-planned activity, get home, do some housework, do more pre-planned activities, and hope.


Hope - is really the nectar I try to thrive on. I bought some new shoes on thursday. I got badminton shoes and shoes for the gym. I also got a badminton wicking top, a badminton racket and a base layer. Aspirational cclothes.


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