Monday, May 1, 2017

Dear Diary,

I've started citalopram again.

It was a big journey to get back to this stage to be willing to take the meds. I'm desperate to change my ways and improve my wellbeing.

Today I got up late. So late that I started to feel depressed about how late it was. The irony of being depressed about it being late in the day was that it made me less inclined to get up. Vicious circularity.

Every month or so I set a task: remove 100 items from my room. Sometimes I cheat and do something like 100 pieces of plastic cutlery (I had a thing about collecting cutlery).

Today (a bank holiday), I decided to go through some items. I've been meaning to clear out my clothing wardrobe lately. My clothes are a memento of who I used to be. Some clothes may still fit but I no longer identify or relate to it. It feels like a stranger's clothes in my room.

I got rid of 137 items, most of which are clothes.

I still need to clear out more things in my room. But that's a good start.

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