Monday, April 24, 2017

its just past midnight on sunday night/monday morning.

I thought it might be poignant to talk about the 'on this day' markers of previous years:

  • 2017 (this year) Theresa May called for Snap election
  • 2010 - my brother's band had an album release - he now is a music therapist 
  • 2013 - I was working in events - at Margaret Thatcher's funeral
  • 2014 - I was working at the Sentinel on Sunday, and I was invited to write some copy that ended up on the paper
  • 2015 - my gym instructor who ended up in a few porn films, did his last class (he emigrated)
  • 2016 - I bought my first polo shirts from Uniqlo. It felt like a big gesture of me growing up. Those very same polo shirts form my clothing staple at work
I think these events sum up the kind of person I am. 

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