Saturday, December 10, 2016

Today I was in a menswear section of a department store. This was a store that I've liked and I've been there many times.

I saw an old friend there. This wasn't a surprise. This guy used to work at the menswear store, but I thought he worked in a head office as a buyer or some shit.

Anyway we talked for ages. I really needed some smart trousers for the Christmas work do, but talking is fine for an old friend.

When our conversation ended, he said to me that he wasted his 20s working in retail. Which seemed like an odd thing to say. This is a guy who worked his way to head of menswear at a national chain and he apparently has set up his own businesses outside of work. This guy goes to fancy clubs in London (his facebook says) and he is part of a members club. This is a world that I barely have any contact with.

However, it was odd that he would ask me to look for a sales job for him.

Perhaps I had a different view of his life. Or perhaps he likes to sell an idea of himself that I bought that might not actually deliver.

I dont know what to think anymore.

It was really good seeing him, and he's really damn good at his job.

Also I got a sick discount from him, I must have saved £60

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