Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dear Diary,

I did my 10 week fitness programme. I'm kind of proud of myself. Now I'm thinking. What next?

I did work and after work I went to badminton. After badminton I was exhausted. I've got a few admin tasks that I could do but I also feel like it would be a great use of my time to just put the tv on, listen to the news and doze off to sleep while pissing about on my phone on feedly catching up on RSS feeds.

I have so many little niggly tasks that I'd like to do if I have a spare thought. Theyare all listed on GKeep:

  • Listen to Bryony Gordon audiobook
  • Download some papers
  • Find alternative to google alerts
  • Look at upcoming BBC proms
  • Look for new cologn

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