Thursday, May 12, 2016

20 things that have happened to me in recent months

Instead of an 'I'm sorry I haven't posted' post. I thought I'd list 20 things (an arbitrary number I came up with while thinking about this blog post while having a shit) that I've been through recently.

  1. My brother got married
  2. My contract at work got extended for a month, then...
  3. My contract at work got extended for another 6 months
  4. I did a 3 month mens health transformation programme and it did transform my fitness
  5. I keep a regular (maybe strict) gym routine
  6. I work full time now
  7. For a year since June I was working as a syndication editor (really!)
  8. Since the start of this month the syndication service got cut down significantly to just one day a week
  9. Until the start of this month I was doing 3 jobs at the sentinel
  10. Now I'm just doing two
  11. I am earning a bit more money
  12. This also means I have less personal time
  13. ...less time to blog
  14. ...less time for friends
  15. ...less time for family (sadly)
  16. I've got a to do list that is so long I dont know if I can actually do it all
  17. I have less physical and mental energy after work
  18. I also regularly go to the gym after work
  19. I'm still doing badminton regularly
  20. I have a big pile of books that I have swiped from work that I haven't read yet

I thought that would be hard to write. I was brimming with more things to write.

But maybe I should stick to the target of 20 and leave you guessing what I do with the rest of my life and energy.

TL;dr - I'm doing alright. I never thought I'd be in this kind of place in my life. But I still have my problems.

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