Monday, May 16, 2016

Since working full time I've gone into a pattern of behaviour and living. I did this 3 month body transformation workout plan and my body has changed a bit. That ended at the start of April (I'm still working out by the way).

I am now thinking of trying a 10 week mens health 'beach body' transformation workout. Since I was quite satisfied with the results of my initial workout plan, I figure I'll try this one.

I have set up week one on my google drive. They consist of 5 workouts this week. They all look pretty small if I'm honest. One or two of them do frighten me, though, the pull ups scare me as I have very little upper body.

Today after work I decided to go to my desk and catch up on admin stuff. I always say to myself - I'll do it later, I'll do it when I have more energy. The realistic thing is - I don't have that time later and the time is now. I normally made a routine of going to bed, laying down on skype and half arsedly do some admin on my phone using google keep. Tonight I sat at my desk, set up the dual screen and grafted through som admin.

As it turns out, I didn't get everything done, but I got a good whack done. As its getting close to midnight I figured to myself: I'm only going to do two more things now, one of them is that I tidy my room (not done yet) and the other was to set up this workout plan.

I was thinking about planning the rest of my week on gcal/gkeep, but I will put that on the laterbase. Tidy room is a priority.

I think I'm different now. I was watching a documentary today, it was the latest Louis Theroux documentary on people who have experienced head injuries. One friend of mine who is a nurse comes into contact with people like this regularly. The thing that is often reported about folks who experience these kinds of injuries is that they are changed as people. I saw some really powerful changes in people in this documentary. The married couple especially was upsetting.

I think I'd like to end my post by writing 5 things I would like to be ambitious about achieving in the future:

  • No more night terrors 
  • Having more money
  • Reading my book pile
  • Getting my receipts processed
  • Having more energy
Is it boring that I spend my blog focussing on how I find daily life challenging? I wish I could say cool intellectual stuff or talk about fanciful sexual adventures. I supopse none of those things can happen without a tidy room or proper administrative processes.

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