Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Around February or so, I bought a safety Razor. I thought that I was sick of buying extra gillette cartridges and I was reading for some time about possible alternatives. The safety razor is the old style of blade that granddads and dads of my generation probably used to shave with.

Shaving with a razor is a refined act, it involves time, effort, precision, repetition and and class. It takes longer to shave, but it is also more robust and arguably cheaper, once you’ve bought the handle. The handle of the blade feels like a master’s tool. The handle weighs heavy yet is small. The handle opens up the head where you put the double safety razor in. I love the way it is so easy to replace a blade. I love how I bought 100 blades on amazon for like £10. I am not sure if the safety blade is a more ‘sustainable’ option. Is it more sustainable ecologically to use blades and dispose of them once they are ‘less than perfect’ compared to those plastic packaged ones which possibly last about 2-3 times longer? Perhaps I could make the blade longer if I polished the blade a bit after I was done with it. I feel an attachment to my new razor, it feels like a talisman, a tradesman’s proud tool. If I had a son I’d pass it on to him, if not just for its sentimentality.

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