Friday, February 13, 2015

Often i've talked about how I should satisfice rather than maximise.

Lately I'm doing maximin. Maxi min is the most amount I can do with the minimum of effort.

Well I say effort, it is a massive effort to get out of bed. I did a lot of correspondences lately through email on my phone while on bed. Those correspondences probably netted me about £250.

I will be working a few extra days. I was asked to work at the sunday sentinel tomorrow (which is my favourite shift) and I will be on the sentinel's newsdesk on sunday. I will be in about 4 different departments next week and I'm in talks about possibly covering some more the week after.

I have to take things day by day, pound by pound. Life isn't so great at the moment but I need to do the best I can.

I've not had the most chanc e to write in this blog/diary lately. I suppose I've been soul searching. I've lost a lot of my interest in music and I am enjoying things like updating my tumblr, archiving and playing games on my tablet/phone. I have also had a liking for watching religious videos on youtube. Don't ask me why but I find it oddly satisfying and cathartic to listen to fundamentalist christians talking about their faith. It feels like a comforting worldview and simplifies the world. I guess when I'm feeling like shit I suspend critical thought and just put it on and it feels ...well, I can't really describe it. It helps me sleep.

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