Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dear Diary,

For the first 3 or so days that I upped my Sertraline dosage to 75mg, my brain went all fucked up and it was like I was severely depressed. I was bed bound and completely exhausted mentally and physically and ...spiritually. It wasn't a good feeling.

For the past couple days I feel that I've picked up a bit. However I still have anxiety and other worries hanging over my head.

I feel like I've died a little lately. I feel like my big social death is coming up soon. There's a big shitstorm coming soon and I'm frightened by it. I also have to accept it's coming as well.

today I did the following:

  • had a haircut - slightly different style to what i usually get
  • had insomnia
  • lunch at mcdonalds (twice, in two different restaurants [i have a bit of a mcdonalds addiction at the moment])
  • met a friend sporadically at mcD's - we talked a bit.
  • Sent off my watch to the jewelers to change the strap
  • went for a walk around in wimbledon, and also noting places that scenes from the it crowd were filmed
  • Updated my pay matrix (I got 7 + 3 extra work days)
Upcoming I have the following today:

  • Apply to a job at The Sentinel's news desk
  • Go to body attack
  • go to body combat
  • Possibly get soem more mcdonalds on the way home

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