Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things I've done between monday to 1am tuesday:

  • Received payments for stag party
  • Finalised booking for hotel
  • Finalised booking details for airsoft
  • Set up monthly netflix
  • Newspaper catch up
  • Cover at the sentinel at the end of july was confirmed from HR
  • Set payment deadline for the stags
  • Walking home after missing gym class
  • Put money into bank (meant walking to bank)
  • Emailed an okcupid friend who I'm having a nice correspondance with
  • Paid £500+ to airsoft
  • Paid £15 for BBs

Now I'm going to end my day - maybe with some food then bed.

I'm sorta forcing myself to write this. I've had a lot of thoughts lately. I'm trying to just push on with my plans. 

Good night.

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