Tuesday, July 22, 2014

dear diary,

i ahve so much taht I could talk about but the one thing I want to open this blog to mention is ---I am getting in a big of extra money by the end of september and I'm quite pleased at that.

What are the other things?

  • stag party went well
  • tired after stag party
  • tired on monday
  • wedding rehearsal yesterday (short notice)
  • offered a PhD place - need to follow up on
  • Email correspondence - need to follw up on

I have a memory ...it was 2006 or 2007. I was so happy about the upcoming new years eve party that it onsumed all of me and it was the only reason I had to get out of bed. Then, after it ended, I had nothing. I had nothing else gong for me, my friends went on with their lives and I felt that I had othing to go on with...its' not like that now. I have lots to go on with.  So much so that I should be doing it now.

But I'm hungry.

I need lunch now!

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