Wednesday, March 18, 2015

dear diary,

I've been away for a while because I've been using a computer that didn't have easy access to blogger. In addition I have been busy with housework/life/illness/health/work in various combinations. Until about 2 weeks ago I've been working full time -ish.

Now I'm working part time ish.

It's my first free day in ages. I call it a free day becasue I haven't had a day like this know what I can't keep comparing and saying 'I've not had much time for blah blah blah'. It's hard to sustain a blog about my life when I'm busy living it.

I've not had much time for reflection. If you don't count the night terrors. My sertraline is reduced.

Today I'm doing receipts? why? Because my documents are in a mess and everything in my life and room and home are in a mess. I'm trying to deal with it, so I've categoriesed all the things I need doing, but then I realised how absolutely arbitrary that is and how doing a categorisation task of what I need to do isn't actually housework or admin, and I realised everything is ccovered in receipts.

So, I'm doing receipts, before doing everything else.

I've got a to do list. It's well fucking long.

I'm listening to some nice jazz music on my computer. I have a stack of newspapers to read. I've caught up on some archiving (always could catch up on more)

Now, I'm getting back to my receipts.

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