Monday, February 13, 2017

dear diary,

I went on a date this friday. But the most powerful moment of the night was before I met her.

The date was at the British Library. I said to her: we shall meet by Newton. Older lady said to me that she was wondering where Newton was and then when she saw it, she knew.

The statue is of William Blake's Isaac Newton.

It has so much significance to me. I'll list why

  • The statue is based on Blake's Newton
  • Reminds me of the 'Culture and Society' course that I did at University based on Malcolm Arnold's book
  • Blake's newton was aconfusing message -the ultra rational Newton portrayed by the Ultra Irrational
  • For a period of time, Immanuel Kant was obsessed with Newton
  • For a period of time, I was obsessed with Immanuel Kant's obsession with Newton
  • I saw a peek into myself, a version of myself in the past and yet, 
  • that person is still inside me.
I need to look at that statue. Is the version of me like that statue, a past work immortalised as a memory, as a monolith. Or is it real?

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