Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Its the early 2000s and my brother started gigging, he looked like the shit, and older and cooler than me.

It's the mid 2000s, bro is still gigging and a little more experienced, skilled and popular. He looked the shit and I was his cool bourgeoning brother, plus i 'could' be sexy in a few years, that kind of look.

Its the late 2000s, bro is still gigging, I think he's awesome, but I see other bands who are his warm up acts and they have a freshness and energy he used to have. I notice that the sound of bands who are getting more currency are changing a bit, although my Brother is still in the loop. His coolness begins to diminish

I have this memory as a brief vignette. I thought I might want to share it.

I miss my friend. Still no news after his heart attack. I went to the Rodizio restaurant that we always went to. I told the man about what happened to him, the waiter said he wishes him well. That rodizio place is our favourite eatery.

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